Buchanan Street is an amazing pedestrian thoroughfare in Glasgow  where the art of busking is taken to incredible heights. 

Taken over the space of several days, with the kind permission of the musicians themselves, I have tried to re-create the atmosphere of their performances, using color, black and white and varying grain patternssimilar to the old 35mm film processing.

Firstly there are The Tornadoze, a cutting edge Rock n Roll band which have only recently formed. The addition of the sax player makes them really stand out.If you see them stop and say hello as they love to talk about their music, as does Borja CabaƱas Diaz who's guitar interpretations of classic rock like Guns n Roses etc has to be heard to be believed. Amazing sound.

Finally there are two young ladies , Eileen and Marie whose classical sounds with the harp and violin are a true joy. They learned to play their instruments at school and although they are quite young the quality of their playing exhibits a maturity that belies their ages.

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