A pair of giant horse head sculptures, the tallest artworks in Scotland, are nearing completion.

The Kelpies are sculptures of horses heads, designed by the renowned Andy Scott and inspired by the area's rich equine history.

Standing at an impressive 30 meters and weighing over 300 tones, they will be completed by late 2013.

Situated beside the M9 near Falkirk, the Andy Scott-designed heads known as the Kelpies will be seen by thousands of passing motorists each day.

No trip to Scotland is ever complete without a Saturday or Sunday afternoon visit to the Moffats of Larbert.

Dawn, Andy and the two boys Callum and Alex are a true delight.

Since my recent visits to Scotland have been on the sombre  and emotional side I treasure my afternoons spent wandering the local woods, parks and generally enjoying their company for our leisurely hikes.  Of course that's after a lunch of well fired rolls, local Lorne sausage and Stornaway black pudding. Just the thing to keep out the chilly Scottish breezes.

Today we went to The Helix  which truly defies description in its scope and enormity and complexity of its center piece The Kelpies. Here are a few photographs from a few hours spent in the company of Andy, Callum and Alex.

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